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Life and Business Coaching by Sue Hubbard Tarlton

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Sue Hubbard Tarlton is a life/business coach, speaker, philosopher and visionary. She is a neurolinguistic programming master practitioner who consistently explores a wide range of interesting concepts that she incorporates in her coaching. She also is a tapping practitioner who uses that energy technique to clear clients’ blocks to a more satisfying life. Her individually–tailored coaching solutions and her television show (Celebrate U.) help clients and audiences increase their personal effectiveness. She has also been a consultant at both IBM and Ernst & Young, among others.

Sue incorporates her previous experiences in the corporate world, in the small business and entrepreneurial world, in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, as well as in small towns and large cities. She has a wide range of first-hand experiences that have deepened her understanding of her clients and their needs. Her superior listening skills enable her to clarify seemingly large issues into smaller, manageable pieces so successful solutions can be determined and real progress accomplished.

Additionally, Sue is the author of Mother Tourista’s Helping Hand(Book): Your New York City Companion (now in its 2nd edition), proprietor of the Act Better store and dispenser of Daily Thoughts. She currently lives in New York City.

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