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Life and Business Coaching by Sue Hubbard Tarlton

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coaching process

1. We determine your
wants and needs, plus assessing your appetite and readiness for change and set up an initial plan.

2. During our weekly or semi-monthly sessions, we discuss your progress, keep you focused and inspired, add additional goals and modify plans as shifts and changes occur in your life.


How can private coaching help you?

Identify options, goals, targets, perspectives
Unclear about what your ‘next steps’ are or wondering where you’re headed? Start here.

Structure your small business to take advantage
of growth
If you’ve gotten your business off the ground and now find it’s more labor-intensive than you’d like, it’s time to think and manage differently. Redefine your business structure to better support your current needs.

Explore blocks and block-busters
Know where you want to go and can’t get past ‘go’ to move forward? Discover ways to reduce and eliminate thoughts that hold you back.

Recreate your life and/or career plan
Surprised or stunned by recent changes? Needing a new or revised plan? Let’s look at your current plan to see if it still reflects who you have become. Maybe we’ll set a new course!

Strategize your personal success
Once you know where you want to go, it’s useful to have a workable plan to get there. Co-create action steps, target dates and accountability.

Sustain your performance in a way that works for you
Creating ideas and plans are great first steps! Fulfilling and maintaining those plans is a separate skill. Put a process in place to keep you on track and establish a method of accountability that keeps you energized.

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