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Life and Business Coaching by Sue Hubbard Tarlton

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For Individual Coaching

Thank you for your comments! They were really helpful. You are right: I can’t send out one intention and then send out a conflicting thought. I am going to continue my progress towards getting what I want out of life.
– set designer

Our time together was super productive -- really great! Lots of really good ideas! Lots to think about and go forward on.
– artist and composer

How I loved our time together!! I was stimulated, felt heard in a way that left me confident and challenged!
– fundraiser

After speaking with you last week I drew up a list of things that may enhance my life. I then drew up a list of the potential benefits in doing any of the above. Since then I have completed 4 tasks. I will keep pushing this forward to think of a fresh idea each week and build up a portfolio that hopefully will keep growing. Thank you for your time and energy in assisting me.
– software engineer

For Workshops

Sue is intelligent, articulate and very down to earth. She has wonderful ideas and helps you believe you can do anything you will commit to!
– speaker, workshop leader

Sue can ‘bring out’ anybody’s best; Sue is a ball of energy and ideas. She will talk to anybody and listen, too. She is truly a creative force.
– a “big girl with a big mouth”

I loved Sue! She’s an inspiring, fun and generous teacher.
– advertising finance manager / writer in progress

This course truly helped me to ‘define’ myself more clearly. It will be easier to sell myself now that I know what I’m selling!”
– founder of a team building organization

When it comes to marketing yourself, I now see why it’s important to stand up, step up, and speak up!
– writer

From introvert to extrovert in one session! I learned to jump-start my dreams with the Rule of 3. I got the best shift...I am really grateful.
– closet photographer and writer

“I just started a new full-time job, and I truly love it. I’m writing to you today because I just … came upon a “Things I Like” list I made with you at one of your workshops. *Everything* on that list describes my new job …. After typing the above, I just now looked into that same group of papers and came upon a “Things I Do Not Like” list from that same workshop. 1) Nothing on my Do Not Like List is true of my new job. 2) One of the Do Not Like items surprised me - it *was* true of the job I thought I wanted, and is *not* true of the job I now have. Wow! Thank you so much.”
– international refugee program coordinator

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