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Workshop process

1. We determine what you need and expect from a workshop.

2. We agree on timeframes, responsibilities, payment arrangements and criteria.

3. We decide how (or if) to customize workshop materials.

4. We discuss management of logistics such as workshop site, participants, equipment, materials reproduction, catering.

5. Prior to the workshop, we stay in contact regarding arrangements, changes and progress with respect to the workshop and facilities.

6. After the workshop, we meet to discuss the workshop’s success and our next steps.

Four-session plan

Session One: Initial information is provided to the participants with a between-session assignment.

Sessions Two and Three: Results of the between-session assignment are reviewed, participants interact in workshop exercises and the next assignment of tasks is made.

Session Four:
Results of the between-session assignment are reviewed, participants interact in workshop exercises and complete an evaluation, a celebration of achievement takes place, and participants’ next steps are discussed.

Discover who you are and create career and business possibilities using your current skills and talents

Think Again! Course 1: Claim Who You Are
Brainstorm about your life. Explore clues. Discover current personal themes; create action steps toward integrating those themes into your business and personal life. Clarify priorities and craft a soundbite. 
8 hours (4 sessions of 2 hours each).

Think Again! Course 2: Determine What To Do
With Who You Are

Once you know who you are from Course 1, you could use some direction as to what to do with you. This course identifies action steps for marketing yourself and getting what you want.
3 hours.

Learn how to meet people and carry on effective conversations

Networking: Making Contact
Tips on ‘how to get their card’ at networking events. This workshop examines how to keep people interested in you long enough to know you. Much detail on how to conduct a conversation so you are memorable.
4 hours.

Learn how to show off your professionalism

Finding the Corporate On-Ramp: A “Get-Ahead” Success Guide
Discover the “unwritten rules” for surviving in a corporate environment. Divided into sections such as corporate culture and communication, this workshop provides insight into an organization’s unwritten ‘measures of success.’
4 hours.

Learn how to write and publish your book

Necessity is the Mother Tourista of Invention: Publishing Your Book
We all have at least one book inside us. Learn how to get yours from concept to reality. Explore the writing process, the publishing process, the marketing process. Identify a step-by-step method to reach your goal. Jump-start your career as a published author!
3 hours.

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